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    April 2020

    Everything started in Paros island, in 2014, when the art gallery owned by my father had ran its course. It was time for a change, and I had the vision to create a boutique, where visitors can find selected pieces by designers from all over the world. With absolute commitment to the quality of fabrics and materials, my intention is to provide my customers with a hand-picked collection of clothes, accessories, etc, that will have a special place in their wardrobe. My passion for textile has also empowered me to create Electric Atelier. A limited collection clothing line,which I design and handcraft with love and care in Athens. We wish you enjoy the selections Electric team has made for you!

    Glasgow School of art graduate, Molly Russell lives in Jaipur and works along-side block-printers, indigo dyers, embroiderers and weavers overseeing the whole process from start to finish. An embroidered dress takes three days to complete. Block-printing is a little quicker but we can only print during certain times of the year due to the weather. Only natural fibres including cotton, hand-loomed khadi cotton and silk are used. Each piece has been worked on by hand whether handspun, printed or embroidered. The hand-work brings life and a unique quality to the clothing. Each Workshop has been vetted. The employees are treated with care and respect, working eight hour days with three breaks and earning more than double the minimum wage. Each has an open door policy and Molly can visit whenever she likes. Molly is working with a women's centre to teach them skills so they can embroider the dresses earning money for themselves.    

    Lamprini & Stella are two sisters from Thessaloniki who are behind the first purely GREEK Resort wear brand. Stella has been educated in fashion design having applied her knowledge in the Greek fashion industry for the past 20 years . Lamprini has a degree in Civil engineering having experience in the architectural design, building construction and interior design of houses and hotel units. In 2014, ancient kallos was created as a result of the cooperation of the two ladies. This alliance confirms the direct relationship between the fashion aspect and the architectural one . Ancient Kallos, the new Resortwear collection, draws its creative inspiration from ancient Greek beauty, its very name deriving from the ancient Greek word for beauty, kallos. The sun shining on the islands of the Aegean, the tranquillity of the Ionian Sea and the white colour of the Cyclades are all imprinted in the designs, bringing out a contemporary and modern version of the Greek element. The sun in the form of its ancient Greek symbol features in the logo (ΚΑΛΛΟS), in the letter O, as a representative of the spirit , while the dot in the middle symbolises the original spark, which mainly springs from willpower. The Resort collection includes creations made of natural fibres, mainly cotton fabrics, lace and silk. A series of beach dresses, shirt dresses, beach kaftans, cover-ups, shorts, pareos, beach bags, shopping bags and beach towels make up the highlights of the collection, which is intended

    Injiri believes in the beauty of hand-weaving processes. Injiri as a brand is more about story-telling, the end point is reflective of the journey of many processes. The brand focus is on textile development and sustainable usage of materials. India, across her length and breadth, has been the land of extraordinary handwoven fabric of multifarious styles, colours, textures and unique features, pertaining to the specific region they are grown and spun in. Injiri shapes come clothes worn by peasants, farmers and common man, inspire them the most. They try to explore without defining how their textiles will end up as products and enjoy the journey of the processes, their creativity takes them through. Not dictated by fashion and trends, their design language is derived from learning and studying ethnic traditions across the world.